About Food Fiesta

Food Fiesta is a new company started by a group of seven diverse, energetic students. As young ethousiastic students, we want to help other students live a healthier lifestyle, through recipes composed by us.

Our project

As students in the Netherlands, we have noticed that foreign students and young people who have started their own business and therefore have their own home, find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. The easy way out often prevails, preferring to order or make pasta.

Our vision is to bring inspiration and innovation to the tables of students and young adults. We aspire to grow our online platform on a regional level, providing customers with the resource to learn about healthy foods and share their experience.

That's why we had the great idea to create and develop a healthy cookbook, composed of diverse and varied recipes. Thanks to our recipe book you will be able to travel between different continents, you will discover traditional dishes from America, Asia, and Europe!

We also offer our online platform, which is in the continuity of the book tangible that we provide. This site offers customers the opportunity to learn about healthy food, discover more new recipes and share their experience.

Finally, the initial project was the creation of a student company in which we decided to invest ourselves in this project that we are all seven passionate about!

Our commitments

As a student company, we have a variety of commitments to consumers, external businesses and causes that are close to our hearts.

Firstly, we have a strong commitment to you. Yes, you who are reading this! We are committed to providing you with a quality product and service that is easy to use and diverse in content.

Secondly, we are committed to and strongly support restaurateurs and wine merchants who are going through unusual and complicated times. We highlight them on our website, by partnering with some of the local restaurateurs and wine shops.

Thirdly, ecology is important to us, we are committed against food waste. Throwing away food is something that happens to everyone, but our team thinks that by creating this book, students and active people will be less likely to waste food. And let's face it, it helps the environment as much as it helps your wallet!

Meet the team