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What features do I get with a subscription?

With a Premium subscription you get access to the following additional features:

A new menu every week
An automatic shopping list for your weekly menus
The option to save favorite recipes in your profile
Access to the FoodFiesta community (coming soon!)

Can I cancel my subscription?

When you subscribe to FoodFiesta, you pay for a certain period in advance, depending on your selected subscription. You can cancel your subscription per chosen period via your dashboard, simple and quick.

When you cancel your subscription you will no longer have access to our digital cookbook, your saved (favorite) recipes and our forum.

What does FoodFiesta consider healthy food for students?

Our recipes consists of varied and balanced food, with as many unprocessed basic products as possible. We have not added unnecessary superfoods (foods said to be high in nutrients or bioactive substances) and expensive supplements, but only products that you can easily find at any local supermarket.

Our recipes consist of whole grain products, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts fish and much more!

What if I have an allergy? Is this cookbook something for me then?

This should not cause a problem regarding our recipes.
You can let us know which products you want to exclude. We will then remove these via a filter for you personally. Our recipes will then be completely allergy free.